What We Offer?

Our Spanish Courses Include

Level assessment &demo lesson


See the general terms

All levels lessons available

Open to every kind of students. Starting from scratch or with previous learning experience.

Understandable teaching and conversations

So you can assimilate everything easily and then being able to put it into use clearly since the beginning.


Diverse and interactive (plentiful resources that will make you engage in the work flow of the lessons)

To the point and personalized (adapted to your learning needs)

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In order to strengthen your knowledge and make use of everything you learn. Revision in class or by email

Types of Courses

Individual classes / small groups

General courses

During those courses all skills will be put into use in order to make you capable of expressing yourself and to interact correctly in all kind of daily situations.

Exam preparation courses (DELE)

Would you like to obtain a certificate for your future career opportunities?
Do you want to study at an educational institution?
Are you in the process of obtaining the Spanish nationality? This is your course.

Choose your own course


Learn the language comfortably from your own home

According to your availability, take the lessons from wherever you want.

Interactive lessons up-to-the-minute. You will be able to take notes about the shared documents during the lesson.

Lessons via Skype or Hangout

Face to face

Lessons taken in our academy or wherever you choose.

Family or businesses lessons are also available

Group lessons exclusively

Other activities

Maybe you are the type that likes learning a language in a different environment.Getting in contact with the different Spanish cultural nuances, for example. Try our Spanish face-to-face workshops about:
  • Cultural activities: art, Spanish cuisine, etc.
  • Nature