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  • I did a student exchange last winter in Barcelona at ESCI. I took business classes but I wanted to improve my Spanish, so that's why I studied with them. After evaluating my level, I decided to take private class to make sure I’ll improve and learn what I have not learnt yet and I could it at my pace. I’ve finally saw different past tenses and even other verbs tenses. But, it was not all about grammar, I really connected with my teacher and and I’m really glad I took it!
  • Anastasia Spanish courses barcelona students Review
    I would like to say, Eugenia is a great teacher who helped me understand how easy and enjoyable learning could be. My Spanish was almost zero when I started, and my goal was to gain speaking skills. She chose a personal method and while talking Spanish, we were discussing all sort of things. Moreover, Eugenia is responsible, honest and positive person. I'm so glad I had this experience of studying with her!
  • Renata Spanish courses barcelona students Review
    [qtranslate es="Me encanta España. Su gente, su clima y su ambiente relajado. Cuando visito el país me siento feliz y es por ello que estudiar español me hace feliz. Tuve mis primeras clases de español con Eugenia y no podría haber sido mejor. Se nota rápidamente cómo se preocupa por transmitir el amor por el idioma a sus alumnos y buenas vibraciones. Es gracias a ella que sigo estudiando español a día de hoy."  en="I love Spain, its people, its weather and its relaxed atmosphere. When I am in Spain, I feel happy, so for that reason, learning Spanish makes me happy. I attended my first Spanish lessons with one teachers of this team and I couldn’t have one better. It is easy to feel how she cares about transmitting the interest of learning Spanish to their students. She passes on her good energy. Thanks to her I continue studying this language"]



C/Andrade, 155. CP 08020

Barcelona, España.

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