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If your thing is getting to know a city like a real citizen and experiencing it just like another person from Barcelona, you cannot miss our leisure and cultural proposals  to reach a real immersion in the city. We recommend and organize these activities to achieve a complete learning of the language and the culture:

Hiking tracks around Collserolla

Hiking tracks around Collserolla to enjoy nature while you stroll. Also, if you like sports, there are many events like public races in which are involved a large number of native citizens as well as foreigners. The perfect excuse to get to know new people and to be healthy and strong.


Visits to the most iconic places

Meetings to take pictures of the most iconic places of the city. Among them, you can not let pass the opportunity to know the squares and parks throughout the city.


Gothic district

Visit the Gothic district. You will have the chance to discover the real origin of the city, the medieval quarter. Every corner is a sign plain of history so it is like you did a time travel.


Trips to Girona, Tarragona and Costa Brava

Trips to the most emblematic places of the community, like Girona, Tarragona or the “Costa Brava”. Meetings organized with other natives to have a cup of coffee, enjoying a meal at home or at any traditional restaurant. If you also have a sweet tooth, you may learn cake recipes while you improve your Spanish with other native speakers.


Visits to the most important museums and monuments

Activities to visit the most important museums and monuments. Also, we bring you the opportunity of meeting artists and professionals of the cultural world that could give you another point of view of the city. What is even more, if you are into fashion, we could accompany you to the most glamorous events.


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