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Check what our students have said something about us and why they make us so happy:

Renata, Poland
"I love Spain, its people, its weather and its relaxed atmosphere. When I am in Spain, I feel happy, so for that reason, learning Spanish makes me happy. I attended my first Spanish lessons with one teachers of this team and I couldn’t have one better. It is easy to feel how she cares about transmitting the interest of learning Spanish to their students. She passes on her good energy. Thanks to her I continue studying this language".
Anastasia, Ucrania
I would like to say, Eugenia is a great teacher who helped me understand how easy and enjoyable learning could be. My Spanish was almost zero when I started, and my goal was to gain speaking skills. She chose a personal method and while talking Spanish, we were discussing all sort of things. Moreover, Eugenia is responsible, honest and positive person. I'm so glad I had this experience of studying with her!
Anissa, Canada
I did a student exchange last winter in Barcelona at ESCI. I took business classes but I wanted to improve my Spanish, so that's why I studied with them. After evaluating my level, I decided to take private class to make sure I’ll improve and learn what I have not learnt yet and I could it at my pace. I’ve finally saw different past tenses and even other verbs tenses. But, it was not all about grammar, I really connected with my teacher and and I’m really glad I took it!
Daniel, Germany
Studying Spanish with one of the teachers of Speech Babel was awesome. We laughed a lot, but I also learned a lot. In just three months, she made me so much more able to speak, write and feel the language. Her lessons were personalized, having my needs in mind. Take lessons with this team if you really want to learn spanish. You will not regret it!
Natalie, India
Eugenia really is a teacher with passion. I am lucky to have learned the base of the language from her. The classes were fun and diverse and she was always very striven to explain things as clearly as possible and to answer every question no matter how many I had. With her cheerful spirit the time has always been fun and I enjoyed attending her classes.
Racien, Germany
Eugenia is a reliable, patient and very competent teacher. She can give you the kind of language classes that suit your way of learning since she is really creative in using various methods to make you learn. I felt really comfortable during our classes.
Taking classes with Eugenia made my Spanish improve very fast!
Sergejs, Latvia
The course was great! About the teacher, I would like to say that she was always friendly and fun! I also liked the material provided and the study approach. In very short time I have managed to speak, read and write in Spanish. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Ya-Chu, Taiwan
I studied Spanish with Eugenia when I lived at Barcelona. She is a kind and patient teacher. At her lessons, I don’t need to be afraid to ask or to speak Spanish. Eugenia always has strong patience to listen what we want to say and to explain the grammar until we understand. At her classes, I can learn a lot in her fun way and every students have chance to speak Spanish. Really thanks for her teaching
Ani and Gigi, Georgia
Eugenia is already our friend and for us, she was and is a super teacher. She helped us to learn the language, prepare essays for University, get to know Spain and how to live there. She has a great sense of responsibility; she is very punctual, super organized and kind. We can say that she is a good partner and she knows how to adapt to any situation. We are still friends of her and we keep in touch since we came back to Georgia. We are happy of having a reliable person at the other part of the world