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Our courses follow a comunicative approach and they integrate grammar, vocabulary, conversation etc. so that you can develope all your skills. We mainly work on the use of the Spanish, with the aim of showing you the real use of this language to have the opportunity to get a real immersion in the culture. Anyway, these classes are focused on the student´s needs so we adapt our lessons to the necessities and learning objectives of our learners.
There are extensive, semi-intensive and intensive courses so that you can choose your own process of learning, except for online lessons. In adittion, in any of our programs, you have all the basic material included. We can also recommend you another books to reinforce the studied contents.
You can choose if you want the lessons at your place or at ours. About the prices, you find them here. Don’t forget the more students there is, the cheaper the course it is.

Here you can have a look the courses we offer:


We have three kind of regular courses: extensive, semi-intensive and intensive:

    • Extensive: this course is thought for people who wants to learn without stress, following their personal steps. It includes 8 lessons of  90 minutes each (12 hours in total) that you could attend between 4 and 10 weeks. So, for example, you could do one or two classes per week but you have flexibility to skip lessons if you have a trip, an important meeting, etc. You decide how to organize your time in a maximum of 10 weeks.
    • Semi-intensive: if you have more availability, this 16 lessons-course of  90 minutes each (24 hours in total) is the perfect option for you. . In this case, the frequency is twice or three times per week. Also, you are free to arrange them at your rhythm on the condition that it doesn’t exceed more than 11 weeks.
    • Intensive: if you have a challenge to reach and you prefer to go faster, we have a course that consists of 21 lessons of 120 minutes (42 hours in total). In this kind of course, you have the chance to dedicate two hours per day to study Spanish, always considering that you could do them in a maximum of 6 weeks.


We offer Spanish lessons focusing on business communication. At an initial level, we introduce our students to the Spanish terms and phrases most relevant in professional contexts. We present our students with relevant vocabulary through simple dialogues and practice real-world situations with them.

At higher levels of Spanish proficiency, we work with our students on giving opinions, making proposals, and negotiating solutions. We furthermore practice dealing with case studies, writing reports, and giving presentations.


We help you prepare for the DELE exam if you desire or require an official certification of your proficiency in the Spanish language. We center the attention to these tests showing you the clues to reach a good level in all the skills requiered in these exams. We work with specific material created by specialist expert publishing houses in this area.

According to the Framework of Reference there is a total of six levels:

  • Level A1: Breakthrough or beginner
  • Level A2: Waystage or elementary
  • Level B1: Threshold or intermediate
  • Level B2: Vantage or upper intermediate
  • Level C1: Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced
  • Level C2: Mastery or proficiency


You don’t need to be in Barcelona to enjoy our clases. We can meet on Skype or Webex, so have the chance to learn with us wherever you are! But keep calm, there is an easy way yo share the screen so you can make the most of it!

Why not trying this comfortable way of learning?


If any of these courses is not convenient for you, don’t worry, you can tell us your situation and we will hear your suggestions to devise the best option for you.